I am a recent graduate of the Boise State Master of Educational Technology program.  I started my program in January, 2012. I have been a business and computer applications teacher for many years, but that isn’t how I envisioned spending my adult life. When I was growing up, my goal was to live on a farm and be a housewife. I wanted to stay at home with my children, work with the farm animals, and be able to cook and bake to my heart’s content. My sister, on the other hand, wanted to be a teacher. She lived and breathed it! She had us playing school after school, on the weekends, and all summer long. Somewhere along the line, I discovered that I loved being a student. The teaching bug bit me when I was in 8th grade and my teacher, in an effort to get me out of his hair, assigned me to go work with 1st and 2nd graders who were struggling to learn to read.

As time went by, my life goal changed and I became the teacher. Teaching is not just a job to me; it is my calling. I have taught for over 20 years, primarily at the high school level, teaching various business and computer classes. Throughout my career, I have continued to take classes that would help me grow as a teacher, not concerning myself with earning a master’s degree. As part of an Ed Tech grant I became involved with the Gen Y program several years ago, which had students working with teachers to design lessons that incorporated technology. It was great being the facilitator (not the same as sage on the stage for sure!) and getting the opportunity to see my students in action. The more reflect on why I want to pursue a master’s in Ed Tech, the more I realize that it was the Gen Y program that ignited the spark. As is the case with many schools, we tend to under-use and misuse technology; the Ed Tech program has helped me to develop the skills I need to help my students and fellow faculty members integrate technology effectively into their classrooms.



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