Tech Trend Lesson Plan

10 Mar

This is the lesson plan I wrote for a seventh grade computer applications class. While I am not currently teaching, I have taught this class in the past.  I chose Tablet Computing as a topic because there is talk in my school district about purchasing tablets.  I figure if it were an assignment and the students took their publications to the board, it might sway their decision.

This assignment is in alignment with AECT standard 3.1, as it provides students with hands-on experience using tablets and smartphones for academic purposes. The exposure to the educational side of this technology would be a huge boon to the students.  There are a few who have tablets, or have played with them, but none of them have used a tablet as an educational resource or learning tool.

I think using tablets with our population would be a great advantage. Many of the students live where Internet and electricity are not always available, and students from outlying areas have rather long bus rides to and from school. One of the major marketing strategies for tablets is their battery life  is so much longer than a laptop; this would enable the students to use the tablet to do school work during their commute, and at home. In addition, our district currently has a reading initiative, and the tablet could be an integral part if we loaded the tablets with e-books.

For most school districts, virtually all decisions are standards and research based.  Implementing the use of tablets as a educational tool meets the criteria of  AECT standard 3.3 Implementation and Institutionalization, along with Arizona state technology and Career and Technical Education standards.



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