RSS for Education

01 Apr

RSS feeds = your own personalized ticker tape!

My Personal Teaching Resource Bundle

The RSS feature that is now available on many websites makes keeping up so much easier. I know most people are not new to RSS (Really Simple Syndication). I have subscribed to several sites for quite a while. For me, the difference with this assignment was using this resource on a professional level and not a personal one.  Utilizing Google Reader and bundling the feeds makes keeping up on the topics that interest me a snap. It is sort of like one-stop browsing. No more click here, then there, and scroll down to click yet another link. The bundle feature does it for me by putting all of my RSS updates in one nice neat package.

Having the feeds in a centralized location and package makes it much more convenient to see what is going on. Like most of you, my time is pretty precious and I don’t want to waste any of it. Using Google reader streamlines the feed updates, saving me time and energy. The bundle option makes it even more efficient. I like to keep up on what is happening, and I think this will help.

As a teacher, I think this could be a valuable tool for students as well. It offers students the same conveniences as it does me, saving them time and energy and making it much more likely they will utilized the product.  In addition, most of my students enjoy using the Internet and I look for different activities that will require them to use the Internet as a tool, not a toy. I think the Reader app in conjunction with the RSS feeds will help them see another aspect to using the web. It is also a great resource for on going research. If I were still teaching at high school, it would be an awesome way for me to have students track information for a senior project or other culminating activity.

What I got out of this assignment is a new appreciation for RSS feeds, and Google Reader. Without this project, I am not sure I would have taken the time to fully explore the usefulness of either of these tools.



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