541 Reflection

09 Dec

Part I: My reflection on this course

This has been an eye opening class. I thought I had a pretty good handle on using technology in the classroom, but now I see I am still at the crawling stages! This is a good thing, it means I have a lot more to learn and do. The textbook selected for this class,  Integrating Educational Technology into Teaching, is a valuable resource that I have used at work on several occasions. So, in retrospect:

  • What you have learned?
    • I have learned that it isn’t about having all the bells and whistles that are out there, it is learning how to use what you have and incorporating it to increase the students’ learning. There are many resources available for FREE; we just have to start familiarizing ourselves with them so we can embed them into our instruction. I also learned that it takes time to be comfortable with some of the resources. I still get frustrated with teachers but now I stop and reflect how I feel when I am trying out a new application or struggling with ones that I just don’t seem to be able to master (for example, I have not conquered Jing or the whole screencasting thing yet.)
  • How did theory guide development of the projects and assignments you created?
    • I took Ed Tech 504 at the same time as this course. I think that the research and reading I was doing in 504 had a large impact on what I was doing for this class. I learned that I tend to approach things from a social learning/constructivist point of view. I think that many of the assignments I created for this class reflect these theories.
  • How does the course work demonstrate mastery of the AECT standards?
    • Blogging, which is covered in Standard 1.2,  is not my favorite task in the world. I do enjoy reading recipe blogs and such but writing one is just not something I like to do. The requirements of this class have required me to deal with my dislike, and blog on.
    • 1.4  Learner Characteristics – this has been a learning process for sure. I think a good example of this is my use of Prezi. I had seen it but had never used it until this class. While I am not the Prezi Master, I am comfortable using it now. The first time was a flop; the second presentation took me days to create with the loss of several handfuls of hair; this last time I used Prezi was much easier and I actually enjoyed the experience.
    • Standard 2.0, now that is more my style.  With the various assignments I have learned new applications and ways to improve my use of familiar ones. The video blog was a bit daunting but in the end I did learn how to use several applications I had never used. The Walled Garden and Video Blogs forced me to deal with my phobia of being recorded. I still don’t like it but it isn’t as traumatic as I thought it would be.
  • How you have grown professionally?
    • First I am more confident that technology is a viable means to improve learning; now I have the resources and information to back this up.
    • I have learned how to use many new applications and refined my use of others.
    • Ed Tech 541 has opened the doors into other classrooms. I have worked with various teachers at my school to create assignments for their use in class. I am the onsite resource for technology but now I have a fuller toolbox that isn’t has hardware oriented. Using what I learned in this class, I was able to create a webpage with various resources for subs to use in a science class.
  • How have your own teaching practice or thoughts about teaching have been impacted by what you have learned or accomplished in this course?  What will you do differently as an educator as a result of this course?
    • I have used technology resources to teach for the last 18 years. What I foresee changing are the types of resources I incorporate. This past week, I went back to the classroom but not in my content area. I am now running a behavior modification class at a middle school. I am planning on using many online resources such as ixl as a math intervention, Brain Pop for a variety of topics, Achieve 3000 for differentiated reading instruction, along with OdysseyWare which is a full curriculum. While I have run credit recapture classes in the past using OdysseyWare, Plato, and such, this class is focusing on modifying behavior while learning content. I am hoping that, by incorporating the different applications in conjunction with group activities, my students can learn appropriate self-management skills while gaining academic confidence  so they can successfully reenter the mainstream classrooms.

Part II: My blogging performance – 86% – 90%

Content: Outstanding/Proficient

  • I think the content of my post met the guidelines, but with hindsight I see where I could of done more with some of my posts.

Reading & Resource: Proficient Outstanding

  • APA citation used, but didn’t not always have proper formatting –  indented second line and double spaced on all references. I did go back and correct the formatting.

Timeliness: Proficient

  • All post were made before the deadline, but generally on the weekend

Responses to other students blogs: Outstanding

  • At least two comments were made each week
  • The majority of comments were posted in our moodle weekly course assignment page


Roblyer, M. D., & Doering, A. H. (2013). Integrating educational technology into teaching. (6 ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ:


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