Creating My Learning Log

21 Jun

I created this learning log when I first started the Ed Tech program 18 months ago. This was my introduction to blogging. While I enjoy casually following several blogs and I see the value of blogging, I find maintaining one rather odious (once it is “out there” it is there for the world to see, it is rather mind boggling if your really stop to think about it). As many of us, I have both a website and a blog and sometimes it is a bit overwhelming figuring out what should be posted to the blog verses the website, so I tend to post to both.

Having said that, I think that blogging would be an excellent activity for students.  For example, instead of keeping a binder or manila folders full of papers, students could maintain an electronic portfolio of work.  Also, since our school does student-lead conferences  a blog would be an awesome conversation starter.  Managing a blog would also help students build tech literacy skills.


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