Cougar Netiquette: Getting Off to an Ethical Start with Tech Tools

10 Jul

For my podcast series I came up with the idea of introducing students to Web 2.0 tools. The majority of our student population have not been exposed to these sort of applications. As a result I took our school mascot to come up with the title of the series.

Cool Cougar Tool Time – Introducing Web 2.0 tools to students. In this series we will look at and compare applications that focus on 21st Century Skills such as: concept mapping, presentation alternatives, digital posters, note taking, blogging, web design and much more.

Episode 1: Cougar netiquette: Getting off to an ethical start with tech tools
Before you start playing a game you need to know the rules and expectations. The same is true for using web tools. To help you start off on the right foot, I am going to introduce you to the basic rules of the internet super-highway. These rules are called netiquette.
Episode 2: Concept mapping with and Gliffy
Episode 3: Powerful presentation alternatives using Prezi or Voicethread
Episode 4: Notes to go using Evernote and Zotero
Episode 5: Poster power – Glogster and Thinglink
Episode 6: What wonderful webs you weave with Wix and Weebly
Episode 7: Writing with friends – Mixed Ink
Episode 8: Using social networking for learning

This was a fun project, once I got started. I couldn’t settle on a subject and felt it really should be educational. To find the music for the intro and outro, I surfed several music sites and ended up using Jamendo. I tried a couple of different mics and adjusted the settings in Audacity and then thanks to a suggestion from Daniel I did some tweaking with the Windows settings. Voila, it worked!

As for future use, this could be a great tool to use for sub notes (youtube is blocked for subs) and for student presentations.



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