Digital Storytelling

26 Jul

For this assignment, trying to decide whether to create an informational or a narrative piece was the first hurdle to overcome. I decided an informative piece would be the best way to go and was trying to choose between creating something either for my class or professional development. 

Putting my digital story on the back burner, I decided to select the tool I wanted to use. Vuvox was my first choice.  Sadly it did not play nice with my bandwidth, so I scrapped that idea. Animoto is a blast but the narration part would be problematic. I looked at a few more options and settled on VoiceThread. I like VoiceThread for a couple of reasons:

 1) it has all of the positive attributes of PowerPoint,

 2) narration is simple to record and append

 3) it is a great tool for collaborative projects

Once the tool was selected, it was just a matter of deciding what story to tell. Somehow, my project morphed from being something to use in my class or for PD. While the piece is informative, it may not be considered informational by some, and it is definitely not work related. Even so, I still applied the personalization principle in the design. 

My story is written from the first person point of view and chronicles the various dogs rescued by my family in the last three months, while focusing on one in particular.  I thought about using the second person voice to tell the story but decided against it. The story was well suited to a conversational format, which included a few slang terms or colloquialisms while still maintaining an air of politeness.  As for being a “visible author,” my opinion was politely, yet clearly, stated as you will hear. 

Writing the script took more time than I realized. Somewhere along the way, I lost a day. Using VoiceThread for the narration was easy to do and re-do when I made mistakes. Recording the last little bit, however,was rather difficult. It took several attempts to make it through. When I exported the presentation I was shocked at how long it was. I figured when I wrote it that it would only take 2-3 minutes. Something I didn’t expect was having my icon and name at the side of each slide when the narration starts. That is one aspect of using VoiceThread I am not overly thrilled with.

I still want to experiment with Vuvox and some of the other options from the list of resources but it can wait for another project.

Click here for the VoiceThread link or watch the YouTube version.



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