PBL the Debrief and Culminating Assessment

28 Jul

So, you created a project and the students made their presentations, now what? 

Just because the presentations are over, doesn’t mean the project is finished. To the contrary, as with any lesson using an effective cycle of instruction, a time for reflection is critical. All participants need to have a chance to self-reflect and share their reflections on the activity to deepen their learning.

In planning my project, I scheduled reflection time. Each day, students will be provided time to reflect, share, and plan primarily within their teams. After reading about the Critical Friends Tuning Protocol, I realized it would be the perfect format for the team critiques at the end of week two. As part of the final assessment, in addition to having the product and presentations graded, students will do both a self and peer assessment to reflect on their participation. To debrief, the class will also conduct a discussion something akin to a Socratic seminar, with the project taking the place of text. This is the time for the class, both students and teacher alike, to share what they felt worked, didn’t work, why, and what needs tweaked for the next project.

Only when the reflection is complete is the class portion of the project finished.

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