Top Cool Tools Courtesy of 537

31 Jul

For my final post of the year I decided to compile a linked list of my favorite sites and apps I learned about from my fellow classmates and one or I stumbled onto myself. Oh, did I mention…they are FREE!



a graphic bookmark app that allows you to create your own mix of sites and the option to choose from a gallery of webmixes shared by other users. A mix can be tiles with links or set up as a feed reader.


an audio or video podcast recording app. Free, easy to use, and embeds easily into blogs





safe one-way messaging for teachers to broadcast to students and/or parents without number sharing or one-to-one private     messaging





cool site  with lots of images to help you visualize the  space offering that also provides links to the various design elements to add the finishing touches to your newly designed space




class dojo



visual acknowledgement that is positive reinforcement for selected behaviors. Each student has a cool little alien monster avatar. Generates reports for teachers and/or parents about behaviors



2 responses to “Top Cool Tools Courtesy of 537

  1. matoedtech

    August 3, 2014 at 1:23 pm

    Thanks for sharing these great resources! I have used a couple of them and I´ll try the new ones. Symbaloo and Class DOjo are used in my class on a daily basis.

    • cedwardsbms

      August 3, 2014 at 1:34 pm

      You are welcome David. I used Symbaloo to create a collection of gluten-free resources for my niece. It was quick and easy and a more effective way to share a lot of links at once. I started using Class Dojo a little over a week ago. The students think the avatars are pretty cool, and get excited when they hear the rewards chime (no, I am not conditioning them to be Pavlov’s pets), and have started discussing why some students have several more or less points. The dialog created between the students has been really interesting.


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