Curation and Pearl Trees

12 Oct

For this project we were supposed to pick a topic and using our groups curation criteria select a tool to begin curating. I decided to choose a tool I was not familiar with for this project. It would have been easier to stick to familiar territory by using Scoop It, but I like to use assignments as an opportunity to explore new tools. I looked at Live Binders and a couple other tools and then settled on Pearl Trees.

Pearl Trees does have a lot going for it. You can choose an image for each category tile, and provide an overall description. I haven’t figured out if you can change the layout of the tiles, yet. You can rearrange the order but they stay in a column and row format. What I do like about this tool is you can search other user’s libraries and add their resources to your own, building a network. You can also invite others to join your network. I see this as a great way to build your PLN, especially going beyond the direct connections of people you know.

For this project my intended audience is middle school teachers and students. I used the criteria our group designed to evaluate the resources selected. As I worked through the categories, some of the resources I originally found just didn’t fit, so they were omitted. Most of the article and resources are the work of recognized institutions and organizations, with a few articles from individuals. Click here to view my reflection post.

I may have bitten off more than I ought to have, but once I started it was like a snowball going down the mountainside. I was going to just focus on what WICOR is, but then I decided that maybe each part needed some resources – so I have 6 different categories with a focus on the middle school population. My PearlTree an overview of WICOR, then writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, and reading.

pearl tree



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