Social Media and Networking in the Classroom

03 Nov

For Module 6 I chose to use EduClipper for curating my resources. I hadn’t used the application before and decided to give it a whirl. So, I learned a about a new application and it even works at school!  I like the layout of EduClipper it is rather random at first glance, as the most recent clip or board is first – regardless of who posted it. You may have to do some searching to find a particular board. I haven’t quite figure out how to search the database efficiently yet, but I will. One draw back is in sharing a board (collection) with non-members. It seems they really want you to join, it is free by the way, to be able to view someone’s resources. Please click on the image to hopefully be transported to my board – without joining (I do recommend it though, there are a LOT of great resources to be found!).

I didn’t think that this assignment would be difficult or time consuming, I was wrong.This module had several challenges. The first was finding the lessons that required student to use social networking and media as part of the activity or assessment that fit with my teaching assignment. I chose to ignore the fact that the categories of social media and networking (that extends to YouTube) are currently blocked/banned and focused on finding things that would work if the restrictions were lifted. Currently, I teach computer applications for grades 6-8 in a very rural area. I try to team up with the “academic” teachers as often as possible to support the standards they are currently working on. Other than the keyboarding, I use project based learning in my classes. I think it is important for students to be able to apply their learning and my role as the teacher is to provide the opportunity for them to do so using authentic tasks, not with worksheets.

There are a lot of lessons out there, but the vast majority just didn’t meet the criteria I was trying to match, especially since I was looking to find a variety of applications (blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Skype, and so on). I did discover thankfully that case studies were much easier to find, yet more time consuming to read and determine if they fit the collection. In the end, I think I found very valuable information and lessons that I can incorporate into my classes that I would not have had otherwise.

One other thing I learned from this assignment is that this project is much like the last; I can loose myself in the searching and reading for hours, and that is not an exaggeration.

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